He left the 99

The grass tasted wonderful. Not because it was better than any of the other grass the sheep had eaten but because it was on the other side. The sheep was now free. He didn’t have to worry about being confined to the one area that he was always in. He could now go where he wanted and do what he wanted. No strings. No leashes. No chains. He was free to go where he wanted.


As the sheep continued to eat grass, he wondered into a rocky area. The grass seemed to be untouched in this area. He weaved through rocks and weeds. He found a green patch that was perfectly away from everything. This was the greenest grass he had ever seen. There were rocks on all but three sides. The area got just enough sunlight to nourish the grass and enough shade to keep it from getting too dry.

The sheep began to eat and then eat more. The grass tasted good, but how good is one blade of grass to another? But to the sheep, this grass was different. He was so busy eating that he didn’t notice what was standing nearby. The three rocks provided protection on three sides, but the fourth side was open and this is where the sheep had his back.

I Don’t Know

Those three words are hard to say. We want to be able to know the answer and to give it to others. Too many times in life we open our mouth and give advice when we really don’t know the answer. Maybe we’re afraid we’ll look dumb or that we have to have an answer. Maybe the answer is that we don’t know.


Sometimes tragedies happen and people die. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. Sometimes we don’t get the job we thought we should have gotten. Sometimes…

The problem we have is that we correlate I don’t know as something negative. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe we’re not supposed to know. Job thought he knew alot so God asked him some questions.

What we can learn about life from StormChasers

You’ve seen the videos. Guys and girls holding video cameras as tornado’s spin nearby. They start and stop their car trying to see how close it is to them. They place highly scientific instruments in the path of the tornado to get much needed information. It’s amazing to watch them at work.

I first saw this in the movie Twister. To be honest, I didn’t think there were really people like this in the world. I actually thought that Hollywood had taken things to the extreme like they often do. This all changed when I first saw the show “StormChasers” on the Discovery Channel. I instantly got hooked. I watched in amazement as men and women pushed to find the tornados and then worked to place instruments in it’s path minutes before it crossed where they had been. It was exciting for a number of reasons.

A Real Hero

I honor my neighbor, that has passed away, that was part of the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944.


Photo via govolsxtra.com

He parachuted behind enemy lines from a glider. Mr. Burley Duncan, and others like him, are “real heroes”. To go into battle for your country, not knowing whether you will live or die, is the definition of a hero.

I honor all of them today, especially Mr. Duncan which I was privileged to know for the last years of his life.

It Is What It Is

I’ve never seen an apple tree with oranges hanging from its limbs. I’ve never seen a cherry tree with strawberries waiting to be picked. It’s funny how that works isn’t it? Why is it that we try to be something we’re not?


Photo via http://www.xtremeproductivity.com

You see it almost every day. Someone in a crowd of people trying to say the right things or make the right actions so that others will be impressed. We pay thousands on top of thousands of dollars to buy cars, homes, boats, and other things so that people will like us. We want to be noticed. We want to be loved.

Isn’t it time that we hit the pause button and think about this? What good are we doing by “acting” to fulfill a part that we’d like to play? Why do we envision what a perfect person is and then try to be that person? Why do we take the life of another and stick it on the Xerox? Why don’t we just be who we are?