Prayer, are we just wasting our time?

We close our eyes and whisper words before a meal. We kneel down beside our beds, bow our heads, and speak to someone we don’t even see. We see our loved ones in pain, and we call out to someone that no one can see. Do our prayers actually matter? Are we just mumbling words to make ourselves feel better.

It’s a relevant question. Some of you will be repulsed my such a question. Some of you will say “Thank goodness someone is asking it besides me”. But if you stop and think, it’s a really good question.

When we pray, do we see the one we’re praying to? Do we hear their actual audible voice answer us. No, we don’t. But, do we need to?

There is an unspoken language in the world that exists. This language is spoke between humans, between animals and humans, in “intuition” about a situation, and between nature and us.

How many times have you stood face to face with an animal and could see their intentions in their face? How many times have we looked at a baby and felt immense peace? How many times have we looked up into the sky and the twinkle of a star gave us hope? That’s communication.

Sometimes we can feel a conversation and not a word is spoken. Sometimes we can feel love without any sort of contact. Often times, more than we even realize, the unspoken language is spoken and we participate in the conversation.

Isn’t that how God communicates with us? We don’t hear his audible voice and we don’t speak to his visible face, but we communicate with him.

Next time you doubt there is a God, and if there is if He listens to you, go outdoors and look around. Watch a bird land in a tree and sing a song. Watch a dragonfly dart around in opposing directions. Watch the clouds float overhead. If that’s not enough, spend five minutes outside at night. Watch the moon shine bright on the sky and trees around you. Watch the stars as they twinkle. Listen as the crickets and frogs serenade through the darkness. Then ask yourself this question. Is this all an accident?

I hope they serve ice cream in Heaven

Heaven will be our eternal home, and I look forward to it. It will be a place of peace, love, reuniting with friends and family, and ice cream?

If I had my wish, that’s exactly right. I love ice cream. I’ve found out that I have to eat less of this as I get older because it seems to add weight easier. It’s like it’s some kind of rude joke. But in heaven, I could eat all the ice cream I want and wouldn’t have to worry about weight. That sounds awesome!

If ice cream was in heaven, this would be my top 5 places to get it that I hope to see on the corner.


Number 5: TCBY

I know, it’s not actually ice cream, it’s yogurt. But it sure does taste like ice cream. The vanilla yogurt from this place is awesome. It makes the tummy feel good.



Number 4: Ben and Jerry’s

Almost sounding like the cartoon characters, this ice cream company that the two brothers created in 1978 is wonderful. There’s all kinda of cool flavors like Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter Fudge, Cookie Dough, That’s My Jam, Banana Split…Should I go on?




Number 3: Baskin Robins

They have ice cream cake. They have banana splits. They have the Oreo 31 Below. They have ice cream floats. Did I mention they have ice cream cakes?





Number 2: Kay’s Ice Cream

If you are familiar with the Knoxville, Tennessee area, and have been around long enough, you’ll remember a giant ice cream cone on Chapman Highway. How could you not want ice cream after seeing that giant ice cream cone? Oh, and it was good. The Milkshakes make your mouth water!!

Kay's Ice Cream



Number 1: Chick-fil-A

A number of people will probably disagree with this one, but I don’t care. I didn’t know that homemade ice cream could be purchased anywhere. I’m still waiting to hear the churn of a line of buckets making home made ice cream somewhere behind the Chick-fil-A counters. Their milkshake is so good, I almost have to stop and say a thankful prayer in the middle of drinking it. This would be the showcase location in heaven.


Milkshake chickfila

A normal night?

Stars twinkled in the twilight sky as the wind softly blew back the shepherd’s hair.

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The night was calm and so were the sheep. They grazed and softly chewed on the green grass. This was the good grass. Each of the shepherds sat there looking upon their flock with heavy eyes as sleep beckoned to take them for a while. It was another night just like all the others, or so they thought.

Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, came a bright light. It scared the flock as they jumped back and scattered. The shepherds fell back and out of their half sleep supposing that possibly this was a dream, but it wasn’t.


Burning and tingling sensations feel our inner heart.

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Our ears hear the winds of the spirit as it encompasses around us. Where we once felt loneliness and despair, we feel peace. Where confusion once enveloped our every thought, we have understanding. So is it when the fire of God envelopes us and burns within our soul. So it is with His spirit.



Words. We say them every day. We read them in every book. We hear them when we speak to one another.

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When we pick up a dictionary, it is full of them. We use them for good. We use them for bad. We use them to teach. We use them to scold. We use words every day. It is how we communicate to each other.

Jesus used them to talk to the disciples. He used them to teach the people. He told stories that people could remember with lessons they would never forget. Jesus used words to explain the gift of salvation in such simple terms, that children understood every word.