Why I like Nicodemus

Why do I like Nicodemus? He was, after all, a Pharisee. You know, the snobs of the Bible. They knew it all already. They wore their fancy outfits, said their fancy prayers, and heck they even wore a little box on their forehead that had a scripture in it. They wanted to be seen.


Photo courtesy of http://www.upfrontministries.com/Jesus.html

Now they were a smart group of people. You didn’t just become a Pharisee. It was work. They were very particular in following the laws exactly. I’m not sure if Nicodemus rejected Jesus at first or not. But I do know that he did what each of us should do; ask questions.

He had questions in his heart that needed answers. Following the law all of those years wasn’t satisfying him on the inside. When he saw Jesus, he saw something different. He felt something different. He knew something was different. He could have ignored it and continued his strict stance of the laws, but he didn’t. He snuck by night and found where Jesus was. Then, he started asking questions.