These people are more alive than you are

One hundred and forty people are on top of Mt. Everest at this very moment. Each of them have something very much in common with the other. They each have passion. They each have ambition. They each have the desire to overcome all obstacles and climb the world’s tallest mountain. However, none of these things is what they most have in common. What is it then? They are all dead.

In the middle of chasing their dream and doing the impossible, something went wrong. 

Maybe the storm got too strong. Maybe they didn’t heed the warnings and tried for the summit despite warnings they should wait. Maybe something else happened entirely. Some of the stories we may know, some we will never know.

This we know for sure; they tried. They’ve already made more progress than many of us. We think about doing this or doing that, but that’s as far as we get. These people were in the action phase and were trying. They were further along than many of us are.

In fact, many of us are sitting in our chairs reading this and are more dead than they are. Many of them are more alive than any of us will be. Unless we make a choice.

Today is the day the choice is to be made. Will you make the choice to be alive? It may not be easy and it may take some work, but are you willing to take the chance to be alive or is being a walking graveyard enough for you?

It’s your choice.

What are you going to do about it?

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