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My main writing is inspiration. When I write, I come at it from a Christian Perspective. I’m proud of who I am and my Savior. You will see this in my writing.

If I can inspire you to live your dream, take that chance, help you on your journey, and do what you’ve been afraid to do up until now, then I have succeeded.



Life is too short to not look at things differently. Humor is a huge part of my life. Sometimes I see things a little differently than everyone else. If I see something that needs some special attention, I may just tell you about it.



Sports is a big part of my life. I love sports. I’ve sat on the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field where many greats have played. I’ve been in and around the special place of Neyland Stadium since I was a young kid. Sports teach us many things. Sometimes Sports are just an escape and is fun to watch or participate in. Other times it teaches us lessons that we can apply to our lives.



I love technology. As they say, when men get older the only things that change is which toys they buy. It changes from hot wheels cars to flat screen TV’s.

I also have a fascination with backpacks, flashlights, and Apple products. Maybe I need a writing desk in the woods.



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