Why College Football is better

Soon the closets will open and the favorite jersey will come off the hanger. The tailgaters will start pitching their tents. The corn hole boards will be propped up. The poster board that will become College GameDay signs will be purchased. The final cutting of the field will be completed. The tickets will be double-checked. The radios will be tuned to the local sports station. The crowds will start making their way toward the stadium. The fans at home will get their snacks together and the remote ready. The guys will get their favorite hat. The kids will throw and kick footballs around the yard. Famous secret recipes will be cooked. Chili will steam off of the kitchen stove. Restaurants will fill with hyper fans. Then, kickoff is just moments away.

The champion sign at Notre Dame will reverberate again. The hill at Clemson will prepare for the rush. The giant T at Tennessee will open up. The i will be topped at Ohio. The roar of a tiger will fill the air at LSU. The Roooolllll Tiiide will echo in Alabama. The blinding yellow and green of Oregon will fill the field. The spear and Seminole will ride at Florida State. The jump and touch of the banner will commence at Michigan. The sword will pierce the field at USC. The chomp will bite at Florida. The Woooo! Pig Sooie! will squeal at Arkansas.

The players will fill the tunnels with their hearts in their throats. The coaches will check their game plan again. The cheer teams will practice one last time. The referees will test their whistle before the players line up. The kicker will vision where he wants the ball to go. The sideline will jump with excitement as the moment nears. The fans will stand and hold their breath. The excitement will crest as the kickoff is imminent. The kicker will raise his hand, lower it, and step forward. It’s college football season again.

This is why College Football is better.


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